Munchkin Cats and Kittens

Wundrland Cats

Definition of Standand and Non Standard

In Munchkins or any dwarf leg breed, you can get regular length leg or shortleg kittens in a litter.  A shortleg kitten is created by inheriting the gene that causes shortlegs, like a unique feature other breeds may have specific to that breed.  So Mother Nature has alot to do with if a kitten in a litter inherits this.  Some litters do not have shortleg kittens, some do.   

A shortleg kitten is referred to as a "STANDARD" ...that means it has shortlegs.

A regular length leg kitten is referred to as a "NON STANDARD"...that means it is a normal length leg kitten.......

Both kittens are the same in temperment and type, only the leg length is different.

Many families adopt a Non Standard kitten to keep their shortie company, they are priced much much less than a Standard.


Black and white longhair standard munchkin male, available as show/breeder or companion

Black and white longhair standard male, available

Chocolate shorthair standard munchkin show male, adopted